This spring I have been obsessing over two things, rompers and floral. When I saw this jumpsuit from SheIn, I knew it was perfect for many things I had coming up. I first wore it to a family Easter lunch and then to a blogger event to get my babes opinions and it was a total hit!!

Shein floral jumpsuit

*SheIn sent me this jumpsuit for free as part of their fashion blogger program. However, all opinions are my own and I have been shopping happily from SheIn for years. 

All the details combined on this SheIn jumpsuit make it the total package. It has a strappy back for the spring/summer heat, wide legs and the slits up the legs make you look hot to trot!! I wanted to keep the jumpsuit as the focus, so I paired it with simple delicate accessories in rose gold, a pair of nude strappy heels to elongate my legs, and a saddle bag to keep the boho vibes.

Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit Shein Floral Jumpsuit

SheIn Floral Jumpsuit / Heels / Purse

Sunglasses / Sunglasses / Necklace

Bracelet / Watch / Lipstick – Colour Pop Viper


  1. Styles – SheIn has a huge selection and they are always keeping up with all the trends. Many times you will find something that looks just like a designer made item at a fraction of the cost!
  2. Prices – Everything at SheIn is soooo affordable. Why spend tons of money on the trendy items, when trends change.
  3. Started in the USA – Yes most people think of SheIn as a Chinese company, which they are based in China now. However, it was actually started in Brunswick, NJ by a group of fashion loving individuals.
  4. Sizing – I am a petite girl and sometimes its hard for me to find clothing! I have really great luck with SheIn because most of their clothing is made for women my size.
  5. Customer Service – I feel like the people at SheIn are so nice and so helpful. They respond quickly to my emails, give me advice for choosing the right size, and keep me up to date every step of the way with shipping. If something is wrong, they fix it!!

Have you shopped with SheIn before? If you have what has your experience been? I love finding companies I can find super cute items that don’t break the bank, which is my financial tip for the week!





Forget the white after labor day rule! White is a year-round color, or at least a spring color, so lets break out those white jeans for spring time.

White Jeans Spring

Do you ever wonder where that “white after labor day rule” came from? I certainly did, so I did a bit of digging and this is what I found. It turns out it was an 1920’s high society rule that dictated the upper classes from the lower classes, since they would take trips for the summer and during hot summers would wear light white clothing. Also, because coal was burned during the cooler months and that would stick to white clothing, so you didn’t want to look all sooty. So, can you wear white jeans this coming Thursday? Well are you trying to impress some snooty people on the upper east side, shovel a bit of coal, or feel like you must strictly adhere to a set of very old fashion rules, then by all means stow away those white jeans till June. But me…I’m breaking all the rules and also making sure to Scotchgard my pants, since I know I’m bound to spill a thing or two haha.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

There are so many ways to style white jeans for spring. I chose to pair mine with my favorite color of all time…PINK! Yup, I’m a girl and I love pink. I also love pretty much every color, so throwing in this pastel shade of blue with the hot pink really paired very nicely together. It’s a color combo I wouldn’t normally think about pairing, but hey, sometimes that’s what you need to do in order to re-work your closet.

Shein Similar Jacket / Express Top Similar / Bralette / White Jeans

Sunglasses / Earrings / Necklace / Similar Bracelet / Similar Coach Watch

Purse (Similar under $100) / Socks / Converse / Fossil Jewelry (Ethical Fashion)

Lipstick – Urban Decay Heartless

White Jeans Spring

I kept the look casual with distressed white jeans and my awesome pair of chucks, my Momma got me for my birthday. This pair slips on easily and I never have to worry that my shoe has come untied. Super quick and simple for us busy ladies on the go. I felt so comfy, yet chic for running around the town and linking up with a fellow blogger babe, Lucielle Salomon, who I met earlier this year at the Orlando Makeup Show.

P.S. My tip for keeping white tennies nice and clean, is to clean them every time before you put them away. I use Huggies baby wipes to clean mine; they scrub well and get all the dirt and scuffs off.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

Well, this little lady also has a pair of destroyed white jeans!!! Yup, you will see this trend popping up all over this spring. So, head on over to see how Lucielle styled hers in Two Ways to Wear White Ripped Jeans. I wonder if people were thinking, “whats up with these two”, as we were meandering around town haha. Blue and white was on both of our minds. I’d love to hear how you style your white jeans if you have a pair, and if you don’t I really suggest adding them to your wardrobe. Just make sure to Scotchgard those babies first, you never know what you may sit on!!

*Photography by Rae Breda of Lil Rae of Sun Photography





How do you shop for glasses? Me, I always thought I just had to make an appointment with my eye doctor and get stuck shopping for over priced frames in the office. Then also wait almost 2 weeks to then go back in and pick up those over priced frames. It was a process of picking the frames, then uh oh deciding how much I wanted to splurge on the lenses that go inside them, and prescription sunglasses?? Forget those, you are talking upwards of $300 and my eye insurance never seems to cover those. So, when I found out about Coastal through Shopping Links, I was very intrigued. I could purchase my glasses online for a very reduced cost and lenses are free? I couldn’t pass up such a wonderful deal and I got even luckier because they wanted to collaborate with me!!


*Disclosure: This is a collaboration with Coastal and ShoppingLinks. The sunglasses were gifted for me to post about, but all opinions are my own because my goal is to bring you products I support and love.

It is so easy to shop for glasses with Coastal. You can easily input the measurements for your current pair of glasses and shop by those measurements for similar frames. You can also shop according to your face shape and if you happen not to like the way the glasses look on you when they arrive, then simply ship them back free of charge. Yes, shipping is free both ways. Have you ever purchased a beautiful pair of glasses for only $35? At Coastal, $35 goes a long way. “Stylish frames. Durable hinges. Free premium lenses that are 22% thinner than you’ll find anywhere else.” Coastal provides glasses that are a great quality and best of all affordable.

You do still need to go to an eye doctor to get a prescription. I went to America’s Best because it was $99 for 3 years of eye exams for both contacts and glasses. Then I just needed to put my prescription in online when purchasing my glasses from Coastal. One thing that I didn’t get from my doctor though was my PD measurement. Luckily Coastal has instructions on their website for measuring your PD. I don’t purchase vision insurance because I like to search for better deals than what private eye doctors charge. So, I choose to put money into my FSA every year and that’s what I use to purchase my glasses and contacts. You can use your FSA card to purchase your glasses and contacts from Coastal and then you just will need to send a copy of your receipt for FSA verification. This is a great way to save money shopping for eyewear.

Coastal has some beautiful styles for spring! I decided to try out three different styles according to what’s on trend currently. The top eyewear trends for spring and summer are blush frames, bold tortoise, and perfectly round.

Pink is one of the main colors when I think of a spring palette. Blush is also one of the most popular colors all over social media right now. These ballerina pink frames are the perfect addition to any spring wardrobe. Kam Dhillon makes a variety of shaped frames in this color for all different face shapes. I styled these with a bright spring colored outfit for meandering around town.


Kam Dhillon Katerina – Bare

Tortoiseshell to me has always seemed like a classy shade/pattern. I think of vintage horn rimmed glasses, or beautiful hair combs. Now with millennial trends, tortoise is going big and bold. These bright yellow tortoise colored frames are perfect for the office, or an evening out. They are a mix between a cat eye shape and round and give a very old Hollywood glamorous feel. I wore these dolled up for the evening with a pop of red lipstick.


Kam Dhillon Crestallina – Tortoise

Florals and watercolors are a big spring trend. These round frames made the perfect pair of spring and summer sunglasses. I don’t think I will have any problems matching these to different outfits. I wore them for outings around town, going to the pool, and while playing golf. You can either let them be a statement piece against your outfit, or match them accordingly.


Derek Cardigan Xiomara – Waterworld

Contact lenses are very safe for your eyes, but wearing them for too long, or not cleaning them properly can lead to eye damage. This is why I prefer to wear glasses more often than contacts. However, when driving this could be hard for me because none of my sunglasses had a prescription in them. One thing great about Coastal is that they can turn any pair of frames into Sunglasses. The sunglasses that they sent me are gorgeous for spring and summer, plus now I don’t have a problem switching over to different eyewear for driving on a sunny day. I also can wear them to the pool, for playing tennis and golf, and for looking fabulous on vacation. Having both prescription glasses and prescription sunglasses make it so easy to keep you looking stylish and your eyes healthy.


I haven’t even gotten to the best part about Coastal . When I received my package, on the outside of the box was a simple message that touched my heart. “For every pair of eyeglasses purchased we give sight, protection, or health.” Change the View is the charitable arm of Coastal and their mission is to provide the gift of vision to everyone and make vision care more accessible worldwide. So, for every pair of their exclusive brand glasses you purchase you are participating in Change the View and helping someone in need. Also, if you donate your old eyewear you will get a credit towards your purchase and the old frames will either make their way to a person in need, or be sustainably reused.


I hope this has helped you if you are in the process of purchasing new eyeglasses, or have though about purchasing eyewear online. Let me know if you have already bought glasses online before, or if you always thought it seemed easier to purchase yours in person?

*Photo Credit: Rae Breda of Lil Rae of Sun Photography