Forget the white after labor day rule! White is a year-round color, or at least a spring color, so lets break out those white jeans for spring time.

White Jeans Spring

Do you ever wonder where that “white after labor day rule” came from? I certainly did, so I did a bit of digging and this is what I found. It turns out it was an 1920’s high society rule that dictated the upper classes from the lower classes, since they would take trips for the summer and during hot summers would wear light white clothing. Also, because coal was burned during the cooler months and that would stick to white clothing, so you didn’t want to look all sooty. So, can you wear white jeans this coming Thursday? Well are you trying to impress some snooty people on the upper east side, shovel a bit of coal, or feel like you must strictly adhere to a set of very old fashion rules, then by all means stow away those white jeans till June. But me…I’m breaking all the rules and also making sure to Scotchgard my pants, since I know I’m bound to spill a thing or two haha.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

There are so many ways to style white jeans for spring. I chose to pair mine with my favorite color of all time…PINK! Yup, I’m a girl and I love pink. I also love pretty much every color, so throwing in this pastel shade of blue with the hot pink really paired very nicely together. It’s a color combo I wouldn’t normally think about pairing, but hey, sometimes that’s what you need to do in order to re-work your closet.

Shein Similar Jacket / Express Top Similar / Bralette / White Jeans

Sunglasses / Earrings / Necklace / Similar Bracelet / Similar Coach Watch

Purse (Similar under $100) / Socks / Converse / Fossil Jewelry (Ethical Fashion)

Lipstick – Urban Decay Heartless

White Jeans Spring

I kept the look casual with distressed white jeans and my awesome pair of chucks, my Momma got me for my birthday. This pair slips on easily and I never have to worry that my shoe has come untied. Super quick and simple for us busy ladies on the go. I felt so comfy, yet chic for running around the town and linking up with a fellow blogger babe, Lucielle Salomon, who I met earlier this year at the Orlando Makeup Show.

P.S. My tip for keeping white tennies nice and clean, is to clean them every time before you put them away. I use Huggies baby wipes to clean mine; they scrub well and get all the dirt and scuffs off.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

Well, this little lady also has a pair of destroyed white jeans!!! Yup, you will see this trend popping up all over this spring. So, head on over to see how Lucielle styled hers in Two Ways to Wear White Ripped Jeans. I wonder if people were thinking, “whats up with these two”, as we were meandering around town haha. Blue and white was on both of our minds. I’d love to hear how you style your white jeans if you have a pair, and if you don’t I really suggest adding them to your wardrobe. Just make sure to Scotchgard those babies first, you never know what you may sit on!!

*Photography by Rae Breda of Lil Rae of Sun Photography




Ladies the time has come, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!! I feel like January just zoomed by and we are already into February and the most romantic holiday of the year. I started thinking of simple things to do for Valentine’s Day because it falls on a Tuesday this year, so it’s kind of a hard day to plan for. I have work, the kids, and no time to really go home and change. So, we decided we are going to take the kids out to dinner for Valentines day. Both my hubs and I will get a dinner that we don’t have to cook, or clean up after and we get time together as a family. I’m even planning on using this awesome people watching scavenger hunt by Far Beyond Love! I haven’t done my V-Day shopping yet, but I’m going to keep it simple this year. I’m going to pick out a romantic card and put a coupon book inside because I feel like men are so hard to shop for and sometimes it’s the thought that counts and kind actions are the best gifts. I’ve included a free printable V-Day coupon book in case you are looking for a simple and sweet Valentine’s gift as well.

Photography by Gil Sturgis

This outfit I decided was the perfect Valentine’s look out with the Fam and still appropriate for me to wear to the office. The white jeans and heels keep it office dressy and the pink bows on the heels give a bit of fun to the look for an evening out. I’m wearing a gorgeous jewelry set I found on Etsy that’s are vintage Coro pieces that became popular during the 50’s. I really love vintage pieces and anything Hollywood glam. Sometimes I think I was meant to have been born in a different era just for the fashions haha.

Top Express Similar & Similar / Jeans / Heels / Clutch Similar

Kate Spade Book / Pearl Bracelet / DY Bracelet

Earrings / Coro Necklace & Bracelet / Wine Glass

Lipstick – Urban Decay Heartless


“We spent an estimated $19.7 million on Valentine’s Day in 2016 beating the record set in 2016, according to Fundivo. The average spend per person came in around $147. That’s a significant jump from 2010, when people spent just $103 per person.” – Jan 26, 2017 Chelsea Huang AOL

Due to all of this unnecessary spending I wanted to share 6 inexpensive and simple ways to spend Valentine’s Day with your significant other. Included at the bottom is a free printable coupon book for Valentine’s Day! Just print the PDF onto 2 sheets of cardstock. Cut out the cards, punch two holes in the top of each and tie a ribbon through the holes in a bow to keep them together! Easy Peasy!

  1. Romantic Dinner at Home – Men spend an average of $80 on a date night out, so instead why not cook dinner at home. It’s less expensive and you can cook all of your favorite items in one place. One of you could cook for each other, or it could be a fun evening of cooking together. You can even set out your fancy linens, china, and few candles to set the mood.
  2. Movie Night In – I am a big proponent of watching movies at home vs. going to the theater. It’s not that I don’t want to spend money at the movies (well normally my S.O. pays haha), but I feel like I’m never comfortable enough in a movie theater. It’s always freezing cold, I’m constantly moving positions in my seat, and I can’t curl up/stretch out with my comfy blanket in my PJ’s…well I mean I guess I could but I’d prob get a few stares haha. Why not pop your own popcorn (my fave is skinny girl popcorn with a lime & salt), grab some candy (at Dollar Tree for way less than the theater), make yourselves a glass of wine, or a cocktail and snuggle up on the couch for a movie via Netflix, or Redbox.
  3. Game Night – One thing my S.O. and I love to do together is put a puzzle together. We have a glass of wine and will sit there either in silence, or with some tunes on and create a piece of art! We recently got a few new games for Christmas as well as a puzzle set, so this could be on our to-do list for V-Day!
  4. Bike Ride & Picnic – I love taking a bike ride when the weather is nice. I have a great detachable basket on my bike as well, which is perfect to pack a picnic lunch in. Not only would you get some exercise in and a nice little scenic trip somewhere, but relaxing with nature is a great way to spend an afternoon.
  5. Read a Book to Each Other – My S.O and I love to read. Sometimes he finds something in his book that he wants to tell me and he reads out loud to me. I really like hearing his voice explaining things and it’s nice to relax and be read to so you can close your eyes and imagine it in your head. This could be an evening where you get to enjoy a book you have both been wanting to read. You can take turns reading parts to each other, which is very brainy and romantic. I just don’t really suggest Histories by Herodotus which is what my love is currently reading; you might end up putting your S.O. to sleep haha.
  6. Stargaze – In the city it can be hard to view stars sometimes, but if you live away from the bright city lights then this is something simple you could do in your own backyard. Spread a blanket out and snuggle up and point out some constellations. Maybe you will see a shooting star to wish upon. If you live where you can’t really see the stars then this could be a great reason to take a drive out to somewhere that you can see them! Experience new places.



Happy Hump day everybody! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so today I decided to do a small round up of cute and affordable gifts for the loved one’s you may be buying for this year. Whether you are single and deciding to do a girlfriend’s V-Day, or are looking for some inexpensive gifts for that man in your life, I’ve got something for each of you. I also included a gift guide for your sweetheart incase any of you ladies want to drop a hint to your boyfriend/hubby. For your BFF & your Mr, I kept everything under $25. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to get a nice gift!! For you special ladies (or for your special lady if it’s a man reading this), then I upped the price range to less than $60 plus a splurge item.

Hurry up and don’t save your shopping for the last minute!!

Heart Sunglasses / Beach Fan (for those girls beach trips) / Diamond Earrings (because diamonds are a girls best friend)

Makeup Eraser (Hands down Aaamazing) / Drink Markers (for wine nights) / Boosting Eye Mask (give her the best beauty rest)


Cocktail Kit (for when he travels) / Eye Mask (who says only ladies need beauty rest) / Money Clip (keeping it simple)

Flashlight (Boys & their toys, my guy is always on the hunt for the perfect flashlight)  / Cocktail Kit

Coffee Mug (for that morning sleepyhead)


Pineapple Beach Ping Pong (Um yes please!! This was my pick just cause I want this to travel with when I go to St. John in June!!)

Flower Bomb (This is amazing and worth the splurge) / Love Necklace (give her the key to your heart)

Lacey PJ’s (lacey and pink…she will be delighted) / Kate Spade Earrings (give her something sparkly and unique like her)

Cozy Pullover (she will love this when she wants to be comfy and drink her wine on the sofa)


Xoxo, Happy Wednesday!!