Forget the white after labor day rule! White is a year-round color, or at least a spring color, so lets break out those white jeans for spring time.

White Jeans Spring

Do you ever wonder where that “white after labor day rule” came from? I certainly did, so I did a bit of digging and this is what I found. It turns out it was an 1920’s high society rule that dictated the upper classes from the lower classes, since they would take trips for the summer and during hot summers would wear light white clothing. Also, because coal was burned during the cooler months and that would stick to white clothing, so you didn’t want to look all sooty. So, can you wear white jeans this coming Thursday? Well are you trying to impress some snooty people on the upper east side, shovel a bit of coal, or feel like you must strictly adhere to a set of very old fashion rules, then by all means stow away those white jeans till June. But me…I’m breaking all the rules and also making sure to Scotchgard my pants, since I know I’m bound to spill a thing or two haha.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

There are so many ways to style white jeans for spring. I chose to pair mine with my favorite color of all time…PINK! Yup, I’m a girl and I love pink. I also love pretty much every color, so throwing in this pastel shade of blue with the hot pink really paired very nicely together. It’s a color combo I wouldn’t normally think about pairing, but hey, sometimes that’s what you need to do in order to re-work your closet.

Shein Similar Jacket / Express Top Similar / Bralette / White Jeans

Sunglasses / Earrings / Necklace / Similar Bracelet / Similar Coach Watch

Purse (Similar under $100) / Socks / Converse / Fossil Jewelry (Ethical Fashion)

Lipstick – Urban Decay Heartless

White Jeans Spring

I kept the look casual with distressed white jeans and my awesome pair of chucks, my Momma got me for my birthday. This pair slips on easily and I never have to worry that my shoe has come untied. Super quick and simple for us busy ladies on the go. I felt so comfy, yet chic for running around the town and linking up with a fellow blogger babe, Lucielle Salomon, who I met earlier this year at the Orlando Makeup Show.

P.S. My tip for keeping white tennies nice and clean, is to clean them every time before you put them away. I use Huggies baby wipes to clean mine; they scrub well and get all the dirt and scuffs off.

White Jeans Spring White Jeans Spring

Well, this little lady also has a pair of destroyed white jeans!!! Yup, you will see this trend popping up all over this spring. So, head on over to see how Lucielle styled hers in Two Ways to Wear White Ripped Jeans. I wonder if people were thinking, “whats up with these two”, as we were meandering around town haha. Blue and white was on both of our minds. I’d love to hear how you style your white jeans if you have a pair, and if you don’t I really suggest adding them to your wardrobe. Just make sure to Scotchgard those babies first, you never know what you may sit on!!

*Photography by Rae Breda of Lil Rae of Sun Photography




Happy 2017 everyone!! Sorry I’ve been a bit MIA, but I have had so much family stuff going on through the holidays and I’ve really been enjoying spending time with my hubs, kids, and friends. Sometimes you just have to take a break and chillax. One of my 2017 goals is to not rush, or overwhelm myself. If I feel like I don’t have good content to put out to all of you then I will wait on writing a new blog post. If I’m tired and feel like just drinking wine and watching TV rather than taking a new photo and posting, then that photo can wait for another day haha. We are here on this planet to live life and enjoy every amazing moment we are given, so social media can sometimes just take a back seat to living our wonderful lives.

Hat / Cardigan / Boots / Purse

Top / Leggings / Earrings / Necklace

Lipstick – YSL #003 Ultimate Beige

Here is a super cute casual outfit that you could wear on the weekend, or for a casual Friday at the office. I’ve never been one to mix brown and black, but I really love mixing and matching now and camel on black is such a chic neutral combo. This look is so comfortable with the loose boyfriend cardi and leggings. Plus these boots are warm with shearling on the inside and a chunky heel for comfortable walking. These are such a fancy UGG boot and water resistant, so a closet staple.


So everyone uses the start of a new year to set some new goals. I definitely wanted to have 2017 be a year that I be a bit more frugal and practical because I am such an avid shopper, but then I tend to have too many items and things go to waste. So….here is my MAJOR goal for 2017. ZERO shopping!!! (Minus the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, that’s just too good a deal for the year to pass up LOL.) Yes you heard me right no shopping for clothing, shoes, or accessories. Instead, I am going to shop my own closet for 2017. I have 3 closets in my house plus two dressers. I have probably 100 pairs of shoes a whole shelf unit of purses, and an overflowing jewelry box. Do I really need to shop in order to have something cute to wear?? No I don’t, even though most of us women look in our closets and think to ourselves, “Man I have nothing to wear.” I have clothes in my closet that I have had for 6 months still with tags on them. #fashionbloggerproblems I don’t want my blog to be an excuse for me to spend unnecessary money, or for women to think they need to be constantly spending money in a keep up with the Joneses kind of craze.  I plan on re-wearing the clothing in my closet and coming up with new combinations. So here is my financial tip…I am challenging all of you to also do less spending, so that you can travel more, or save more. I am challenging all of you to re-work your closet for at least 30 days. Think of it as a game with a different theme daily for ways to wear items. Perhaps one day you wear a bright color on top of neutrals, or mix two patterns you haven’t mixed before. I wonder if it will become as addicting to you as it is to me. Right now I can’t even get myself to shop because I’m having so much fun trying to figure out new and interesting outfits out of my own closet boutique.

I would love to hear from you for any outfit themes that you think of. Also, have any of you tried a challenge like this before?

Happy Friday! XoXo