Romwe Swimsuit dupes


Romwe Swimsuit dupes

I have been obsessing over one piece bathing suits lately, partially because I’ve had two children and sometimes I just don’t feel like showing off all the goods haha, but mostly because I love how classy and still sexy a one piece suit can be!! When Romwe told me that I could pick out an item and they would send it to me free to review, I was psyched!! I had been shopping from other Chinese sites for years, but not Romwe. Then, I saw this bathing suit and I about screeched in delight!! I had seen it on another blogger recently, but it had sold out from Asos. Plus this one from Romwe is a fraction of the cost, so it was a win-win.

Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes Romwe Swimsuit dupes

Then, as I was scouring their site, I noticed they had quite a few gorgeous bathing suits that I had seen places before. I decided to do a round up of my six favorite Romwe swimsuits which are all dupes for much higher price tag suits. I don’t know about you, but I like to change up my swimwear every summer, so I don’t want to spend a hefty price tag on some fancy swimsuit. You can still look like you stepped out of a magazine in any of these Romwe swimsuits.


  1. Polka Dot Mesh Swimsuit ($17.99) – This suit is a dupe for $58 Asos Swimsuit that has sold out. This is the bathing suit that I am wearing above and it fits great! I am wearing a size small for reference.
  2. Green Leaf Print Swimsuit ($15.99) – This is a dupe for $133 Stone Fox Swimsuit which is sold out. I have seen this on so many girls on Instagram and it looks like it fits really well and is great quality.
  3. Mermaid Off Duty Swimsuit  ($8.99) – For all you mermaids, or mermaid lovers out there. This swimsuit is under $10 and a dupe for a $35 Boohoo Swimsuit which was also sold at Asos and is sold out.
  4. Floral Off the Shoulder Swimsuit ($17.99) – This is a dupe for a $260 Mara Hoffman swimsuit. This bright floral pattern is perfect for summer.
  5. Tribal Cutout Swimsuit ($10.99) – This is a dupe for a popular Mara Hoffman $250 swimsuit. Cut outs are definitely in for summer.
  6. Floral Print Swimsuit ($12.99) – This is the best deal of all!! It’s a dupe for a Zimmerman $395 swimsuit. I love how this one especially looks like it could be worn also as a bodysuit.

*This post is in collaboration with Romwe, but all opinions are my own.

Romwe Swimsuit dupes

Can’t forget your gator when you are a Florida girl!! I hope this swimsuit round up will help as you shop for your summer swimwear collection. These are all so affordable, that you can’t go wrong with any of them. I also feel like their swimwear runs true to size. I am always the smallest size they make in something (xs or small), which is what I normally buy in the store.

Happy Saturday!!


Romwe Swimsuit dupes


  1. Very cute swimsuit! I will have to check this website out! I’m looking for a second swimsuit for summer. The mermaid off duty is adorable!

  2. Cute swimsuits and very cheap and affordable! Can get a few swimsuits for the summer for the price of one swimsuit in a lot of stores!!

  3. Summer is my favorite season – perfect time to relax and have fun with the whole family! I love that swimsuit too. So beautiful!

  4. I feel more confident with one piece bathing suits and I think it’s really stylish as well. There are so many styles to choose from these days since it’s now back in the trend. I love your choice!

  5. Wow! This looks stunning! I am all about the one piece swimsuits as well especially since I a scar from my c-section that I would rather that people not see. I think this is really lovely and I’d love to see more of their swimsuits!

  6. I love that suit. It is so unique and it looks great on you. I am heading over to Romwe right now to check out their site. Love that you found so many good deals.

  7. I don’t wear bathing suits very regularly, so I don’t like to spend a lot on them. I’m a big fan of one-pieces and I love the one you chose. It’s so fun and practical at the same time.

  8. What a gorgeous swimsuit, plus you really carry it off! I’m all about swimsuits these days, I don’t think bikinis suit me any more. You’ve found some really amazing dupes!

  9. That is a really pretty swimsuit! I love that you found a gorgeous collection under $20. It’s so hard to find a decent suit that doesn’t cost half your kid’s college fund, lol.

  10. Wow I totally love this! I’ve ordered from Romwe before and I have yet to be dissatisfied! I really like this bathing suit! I think its perfect for me. Tad sexy with enough coverage for my belly wit a cute ruffle-like top! Very Unique!

  11. Wow that one piece bathing suit looks really good on you. Thanks for sharing where I can also get this. I’ll definitely check this out and buy one for myself.

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