29 Facts About Me

It’s my party I can cry if I want to, cry if I want to…eeeek yah no crying here!!! Not quite 30 yet ya’ll. Today’s post is not a Fashion & Finance Friday post, but something a bit different in celebration with my birthday. Since my birthday falls on TODAY, I thought I would share 29 facts about me that you may not know. Right now I am headed off to spend some quality time with my momma, my sissy (aka my lil ball of sass), my two best boys and my partner. The plans for tonight are to catch up on long over due conversation, delicious drinks, and some sushi at CowFish, which I have never been to. Yay for new experiences. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, it’s practically the weekend, and I hope you enjoy getting to know me a little bit more.

29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me


  1. I am an Aries. “Well duh Nikki”, you say, “Your Birthday is on March 24th.” Well what you didn’t know is that my personality really aligns well with an Aries. I am super stubborn. Haha
  2. I moved around a lot growing up and ended up going to about 15 schools from Elementary school to High school.
  3. My favorite colors are blush and gold. Hmm probably couldn’t tell that from my website. ūüėČ
  4. I have an evil orange kitty named Ted, who I have simply nicknamed at this point “fat boy”.
  5. If it has pineapples, or flamingos on it, then I probably want it, or already own it. These are two of my favorite things
  6. I have over 100 pairs of shoes and my clothing takes up 3 closets in the house.
  7. I finally settled into my forever home last year and up till then I moved at least every 18 months, yet always seemed to immediately make my house feel like home.
  8. I am a major coffee addict. My current favorite that my best friend Leah got me into, is Café Bustelo.
  9. If a restaurant doesn’t have cherry coke, I will convince the waiter, bar tender whoever, to make me one.
  10. I like my Chick-fil-A nuggets grilled with plenty of Polynesian sauce for my nuggets and my fries.
  11. I didn’t start college until I was 21 because I had my first son when I was 18 and my second when I was 22.
  12. I completed my Bachelor’s degree on campus and online all while working full time and raising two children as a single parent.
  13. My favorite foods are Sushi, Greek, and Thai.
  14. I taught myself how to do makeup completely from YouTube tutorials.
  15. My undergarments are almost always matching. (haha TMI)
  16. I always sneeze when I go out in the sun. I used to think I was allergic.
  17. When I hear myself talk in a recording, or video I swear I sound like I have a lisp. Am I the only one who thinks I sound completely different when recorded??
  18. Nikki is short for my middle name of Nicole. I never liked the name Brittany (my first name), so in 6th grade when I started a new school I just created my own nickname and it’s been my name ever since.
  19. I need glasses, but I always seem to forget them. I finally got contacts for the first time last year.
  20. My favorite cartoon character growing up was Sailor Moon. Heck, she still is!!
  21. I’m an avid list maker and budgeter, like I do it for fun. Yes I’m weird and proud of it!
  22. I can read a book like it’s going out of style. If I start one, then I don’t want to put it down until I’m finished.
  23. I don’t watch sports much, but my teams are the Orlando Magic for Basketball and Green Bay Packers for Football.
  24. My exercise and sport of choice is playing tennis. I take a lesson every other week with my sister-in-law.
  25. I can’t stand water unless it’s carbonated, or flavored.
  26. My favorite show, or movie is anything with Vampires in it. Were you sad when Vampire Diaries ended?? I was majorly disappointed.
  27. I am OCD and don’t have a lot of patience. This in the sense that I always want things to be clean and organized and I seem to always be singing, “If you want it done right, do it yourself,” to myself.
  28. I got accepted to three different fashion design schools, but I was too scared to take the leap and ended up going with the more practical path of accounting.
  29. I pick up new skills¬†very quickly and always do my research to learn as much as I can.¬†So far I have learned sewing, dancing, blogging, photography, web design, jewelry making, song writing, and I¬†will never stop attempting to learn. If¬†I want to do something,¬†I do it and that’s the end of the discussion.

29 Facts About Me 29 Facts About Me

*Photography by Gil Sturgis with CFM Magazine & Bodyscape Photography. The Fashionable Accountant was featured in the March Issue of CFM Magazine.

P.S. Check our my very first YouTube video!


I hope you enjoyed getting to know a bit about me and leave me a comment below with an interesting fact about yourself!!


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29 Facts About Me


Runway to Haiti Fashion Show

Last week I went to a wonderful pre-event hosted by Rebuild Globally & Macbeth Studio which was to bring awareness about a wonderful cause started right in our own Orlando backyard. Macbeth Studio collaborated with Local Love to create a beautiful backdrop to use during the event for a promotional shoot. I wanted to talk about Rebuild Globally & their brand Deux Mains Designs, so that more people could understand their mission and how many people they have helped and can help in the future if the word is spread further. They also host an annual fashion show at the Country Club of Orlando called Runway to Haiti for all you fashion lovers.

Orlando Loves Runway to Haiti Orlando Loves Macbeth Studio Runway to Haiti

Rebuild Globally was born from the disaster of the 2010 earthquake that brought devastation to Haiti. One woman, Julie Colombino had an amazing idea to replace the conventional methods of charitable aid with a thriving social entrepreneurial ecosystem. They have been vastly improving the lives the refugees living in impoverished Haiti for six years now through training and education which give them guaranteed employment. They have realized the most impactful way to relieve poverty is to combine the efforts of their non-profit with the for-profit sector. Out of this wonderful cause they were able to build their own brand for the products they were creating called Deux Mains Designs.

“Nineteen degrees north of the equator you‚Äôll find a small workshop where artisan‚Äďowners source local leathers and re-purpose tires to craft beautiful handmade sandals. Inspired by its French translation, craftsmen use¬†their own two hands to sculpt sidewalls into soles with a pride that comes from not only making something valuable for others, but also making a meaningful life for themselves.” – Deux Mains

Deux Mains Designs Runway to Haiti Deux Mains Designs Runway to Haiti Deux Mains Designs Runway to Haiti

When I think of these creative and inspiring artisans I think about the bohemian community. Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, involving musical, artistic, literary or spiritual pursuits. Here is a bohemian styled outfit that I wore last weekend when I visited my best friend in Ocala. My mother got me this dress on sale at Belk for $12 around Thanksgiving. (WHAT A DEAL!) I love it because it looks almost like a pineapple print on it.

Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Hot Pink Purse Runway to Haiti Bell Sleeve Dress Runway to Haiti Boho Vibes Bow Choker Runway to Haiti Hot Pink Purse Runway to Haiti Pink Gold Coach Watch Runway to Haiti Boho Vibes Runway to Haiti Henry David Thoreau Runway to Haiti

*Photography by Rae Breda a Bohemian Artist, pursuing her dreams, and inspiring others.

Similar Dress / Heels / Similar Watch

Similar Watch / Bracelet / Choker / Earrings


This will be a night of beauty¬†and impact at REBUILD globally’s annual fundraising event – Runway to Haiti: The Night Fashion Meets Impact. This¬†show will be featuring local celebrities and help to inspire the next season’s trends. There will be live music and a silent auction. This for people to come together to¬†raise funds for life changing education and job training programs in Haiti.

Here is a video from last year’s event!

If this is a cause that is near and dear to your heart, or you have never heard of Rebuild Globally & Deux Mains Designs before, but would like to be a part of such an impactful evening…then purchase a ticket below!




Spring is in the air and its the perfect time to start going through your wardrobe and getting it organized. With these 8 tips you can get your closet prepared for spring and make you less likely to spend unnecessary money shopping.

Organize by Category

I hang up most of my clothes and have taken up three closets in the house haha. One day when my kids are older I will re-do my home layout and get my room size dream closet. However, my favorite way to organize my closet is to start by category. This way I know that t-shirts are on the left and skirts are on the bottom rack, ect. It makes it so much easier when looking for something to wear.

Organize by Color

Next I take each category and organize it by color. This really helps when I have an idea of what I want in my head, or a color combination that I want and I can find matching items in a pinch! Plus it just makes the closet look so pretty!!

Display Jewelry

I have a huge jewelry box that I like to keep all of my jewelry organized in. However, I have some necklace and bracelet stands that are really great for displaying colorful statement pieces, or just the items that I’m currently keeping on rotation¬†so I can quickly see them to grab and go. This also give a ¬†bit of sparkle to your dresser display.

Highlight Fave Pieces

I like to hang up either on a clothes rack, or in the front of my closet a few favorite pieces that i am keeping on repeat. This makes it easy to grab a favorite piece I know looks great on me and then think of something different to pair it with in order to try a new look.

Promote a Few Old Items

Go through your closet and find a few neat items that you haven’t worn in 6 months and move those to the front of your closet, or the clothes rack where you have your current fave pieces. If your eye catches a few pieces you haven’t worn lately then perhaps you can work something old back into your current style. This will help you change things up.

Display Shoes & Handbags

I purchased a great open shelf unit from Ikea recently that I will be doing a tutorial with turning it into a gold/marble shelf unit! I love to use this to display my purses and a few pairs of favorite shoes that I wear often because it makes my room look more¬†fun and fashioney (no that’s not a word, but it should be haha). You can also then see which bag and shoes you may easily want to grab and wear with your look.

Store Non-Seasonal Items

I love using totes to store away sweaters and bulky coats. I actually have a whole closet for coats and boots, so I don’t have to put too much away, but I push the winter type coats to the back of the closet and move some items out of my main closet and put them into bins in my laundry room. This frees up space for me to see more of the spring items that will be on current rotation.


Ok, now I’m not the best at this, but I try. Recently I did a huge purge and then I realized I got rid of something I wanted to wear ugh that really sucks. If there are items in your closet though that you haven’t worn in a year and you don’t see yourself wearing them soon then it’s time to donate. Obviously this would not be any specialty gowns, or coveted designer items that are for special occasions. Also, if you have items that need to be fixed and you don’t see yourself taking them to be repaired, then you might as well toss those too.

I used a few of these tips and that’s how this blush trench coat became a staple piece for me recently. Right now we are in that in-between weather state. It’s chilly then warm, dry, then damp, and sometimes this is all in one day. This trench is light weight and the perfect color for the spring season, though I wear blush year round. I kept it casual with this fun Tee from T & J Designs and a pair of destroyed denim. These strappy blush heels spice it up a bit.

Blush Trench / T & J Designs T-Shirt / Jeans Similar

Heels / Purse РLV Neverfull / Similar Purse / Sunglasses (on sale less than $30)

Earrings / Necklace Similar / Watch / Bracelet / Bracelet / Ring

Lipstick – ColourPop Times Square

Nail Polish – Jamberry Trushine We’re Blushing


Spring Cleaning Your Financial Closet

  1. Cash Flow – Have you set a goal for your savings and are you keeping on track? If the answer is yes then that is awesome, I’m super proud of you! If not, then you are like most people including myself haha. You should take a peek at where you are spending most of your money and where you can cut back. Remember to pay yourself first and put a portion of every paycheck into your savings.
  2. Risk Management – With this I mean emergency funds and any types of insurance. Do you have a nest egg in case of an emergency? If not you really should have 6 months of bill money saved in case, of medical leave, or layoffs. Also, check your insurance premiums and do a quick shop around to make sure you are getting the best deal. If you are making more money and you aren’t a risk, then you really no longer need those low deductibles and could be saving more on your premiums.
  3. Retirement Plans – Keep track of how your 401(k) is being invested and allocated. Also, if you are able to maximize your contributions, or at least increase them by 1% then make sure to do so. Remember even a small increase now will provide well for your future.
  4. Investment Strategies – Check your investments and make sure your money is being used wisely. Also, review any investments you may be looking into. You want to make sure you aren’t making any spur of the moment decisions and that you are putting funds into the best place for you and your future.
  5. Estate Planning – One of the smartest things to do is to make sure that all your financial and legal documents are in order. Do you have your Will drawn up, or a Power of Attorney in place? These are all items to think about when you are young because you never know what the future holds. If there is an emergency you want to make sure your wishes are carried out. If you have put this item off then you are one of the majority, but if you have children then I would get this taken care of immediately. If something happens to you then your state would decide what happens with your estate and your children and that is most likely not a good thing.

Do you have any special spring cleaning tips for your wardrobe, or for finances?

Happy Friday!! Xoxo


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