Orlando is known as one of the top travel destinations with many theme parks that tourists come from all over the world to visit. Orlando has been nicknamed, “The City Beautiful”, which is only fitting since every year it hosts the first Makeup Show of the year, where some of the most amazing hairstylists, makeup, FX and body artists in the world attend. This is a must go to event for anyone within the beauty, or fashion industry.
My cousin, who is part of the Paul Mitchell school, was super sweet and decided to take me to The Makeup Show for my Birthday!! Then this week, I was lucky enough to interview The Makeup Show owner, Shelly Taggar, and get some questions answered for anyone looking to attend the show, or for any beauty students & professionals.
Shelly Taggar
“Shelly Taggar, co-founded The Makeup Show, and created a place for beauty industry insiders to learn, network and explore beauty brands and categories. In 10 years she took The Makeup Show, along with her team to 6 cities around the globe and continues to grow the brand around the world. Shelly graduated from The School of Visual Art with a B.A. in fine art, and graphic design.” – Makeup Show
Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire” – William Butler Yeats
The Makeup Show Orlando
1. How did you decide to start the makeup show?
12 years ago I was doing research and realized there were only hair shows, but no makeup shows. The only places for makeup brands were in large hair shows and those were normally only the largest brands which seem to get lost in the show. There are more than 5000 beauty brands, so we started a small boutique show the first year and it was a huge success. Since then we kept expanding and are now in 5 different cities every year.
2. What makes this show unique from other makeup shows?
We very much structure this as a boutique event, and pick and choose brands. Not any brand can be a part of the show, but make sure a good selection from each category will be available and look at what brands artists want to stock in their kits. We focus on education and special events surrounding the show. Plus when you are networking with brands at the show you are speaking with the head executives and can make great relationships.
The Makeup Show
3. What are the benefits of going to the show and what can people expect to learn while there?
You can expect to learn about all the new trends from the brands, any new product launches, and have the opportunity to participate in many different classes based on different artistic fields.
The Makeup Show
6. How do you choose the instructors for the classes and what makes one class worth more than another?
All classes are taught by our Makeup Show artists, or taught by the brand themselves if they choose to do a workshop. The pricing varies for the classes because of the class length and what you will get out of it. For example there are two types of hands on classes. One is all day long which is $300, one is 3-4 hours and is $175, and then there is more of a non hands on educational workshop which is only $20. However, we have a lot of free floor seminars and keynote forums.
The Makeup Show
4. Do you have any suggestions on continuing education for students who already completed their basic schooling and are licensed?
Don’t trust just looking online to continue your education. Make sure you are taking classes from trusted professionals which would be through The Makeup Show, or other trade shows. Within our show there are always education opportunities, and take a class based on where you want to work because this will advance you in your field. The more classes you attend the more you will learn and you really need to take yearly classes to keep up with all the trends and techniques.
5. What would your number one piece of advice be to cosmetology students, or new graduates?
Network its all about meeting people. Go to everything you can because you never know who you will meet and what kind of connections you will make, which will help you advance your career.
5. What are the three most used items in your makeup bag?
I don’t really wear much makeup, but one product I use all the time is Embryolisse Lait-Crème which is a face cream. My brushes are from Crown Brush, and I use a little bit of lip product from either Smashbox Cosmetics, or MAKE UP FOR EVER.
  • Shelly says wear comfortable shoes! The floor is carpeted, but it’s a large event and if you want to see everything, then you will be doing plenty of walking.
  • Plan your day according to the schedule listed online. There are a lot of seminars and workshops going on at the same time, so you will need to pick and choose what you want to see more. You will be given a floor layout when you arrive at the show. Plus, if you commit to a seminar you need to not leave it early to go off to something else. Sit through the entire speaker because its very rude to walk out on someone.
  • Bring your business cards and some cash. All vendors will take both cash and charge, however the lines are going to be so busy and if you want to buy from many different vendors, then having cash will get you through the lines faster. Also, the business cards go back to what Shelly said in the interview about networking. You never know who you will meet and the event is so faced paced…you don’t want to be trying to write down your contact info for someone.

I hope to see you at The Makeup Show!! I will be attending the show on Sunday, March 19th.


Disclaimer: The Makeup Show Orlando is only open to professionals working or studying in the beauty, or fashion industries. Along with your ticket confirmation you will need to show professional credentials at the door. Credentials can be: a business card, comp card, call sheet, tear sheet, student ID, enrollment papers to a beauty school, professional license, work ID or pay stub from a beauty related business.

*All photos are from The Makeup Show.

Nikki Arnold



Happy Hump day everybody! Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so today I decided to do a small round up of cute and affordable gifts for the loved one’s you may be buying for this year. Whether you are single and deciding to do a girlfriend’s V-Day, or are looking for some inexpensive gifts for that man in your life, I’ve got something for each of you. I also included a gift guide for your sweetheart incase any of you ladies want to drop a hint to your boyfriend/hubby. For your BFF & your Mr, I kept everything under $25. Who says you have to spend a ton of money to get a nice gift!! For you special ladies (or for your special lady if it’s a man reading this), then I upped the price range to less than $60 plus a splurge item.

Hurry up and don’t save your shopping for the last minute!!

Heart Sunglasses / Beach Fan (for those girls beach trips) / Diamond Earrings (because diamonds are a girls best friend)

Makeup Eraser (Hands down Aaamazing) / Drink Markers (for wine nights) / Boosting Eye Mask (give her the best beauty rest)


Cocktail Kit (for when he travels) / Eye Mask (who says only ladies need beauty rest) / Money Clip (keeping it simple)

Flashlight (Boys & their toys, my guy is always on the hunt for the perfect flashlight)  / Cocktail Kit

Coffee Mug (for that morning sleepyhead)


Pineapple Beach Ping Pong (Um yes please!! This was my pick just cause I want this to travel with when I go to St. John in June!!)

Flower Bomb (This is amazing and worth the splurge) / Love Necklace (give her the key to your heart)

Lacey PJ’s (lacey and pink…she will be delighted) / Kate Spade Earrings (give her something sparkly and unique like her)

Cozy Pullover (she will love this when she wants to be comfy and drink her wine on the sofa)


Xoxo, Happy Wednesday!!


Fridays are my favorite!! It’s the day that I put up my weekly Fashion & Finance post and it means I’m one step closer to the weekend for plenty of fun!! Today’s outfit is a mix of white and grey with a bit of western flair. I adore these western booties by Sam Edelman that I picked up on sale during the fall from DSW for less than $100. I’m always trying to stick to a budget when it comes to my clothing shopping that way I don’t have any buyer’s remorse, or guilt afterwards. Have you ever felt like you had to hide your shopping bags from your husband?!? Haha that was me eeek. I love telling him though when I pick up an item that’s a great deal. Who doesn’t love to save?

This really cute fishtail braid was so easy to create and is a perfect way to wear 2 or even 3 day old hair. I wash my hair 3x a week max otherwise it gets way too dry. How I created this side braid was I brushed all my hair over to one side and then twisted the back a bit and bobby pinned it so that it would stay nicely and not fall out of the braid. Then I put the hair in a small clear elastic and separated into two sections to start my fishtail braid. If you don’t know how to fishtail then HERE is a great video to teach you. Once I finished the braid I tied it off with a small clear elastic and snipped off the clear elastic at the top of the braid by my neck. I just pancaked it a bit to give some volume, sprayed with my Living Proof hairspray and I was good to go!!

Similar Poncho / Top / Similar Jeans (Express Jeans Sold Out)

Booties / Necklace / Earrings / Sunglasses

Kate Spade Jenny Satchel

Hermes Bracelet Dupe / DY Bracelet 1 / DY Bracelet 2

Lips – Nyx Lipstick Narcissus & Lip-gloss Do the Hustle

Eyes – Urban Decay Smoky Eyes Palette


So earlier I was talking about budgeting for clothing purchases, but it’s really great to budget for your daily life. When I track my income coming in and my expenses going out I feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. I know how much I have to save and how much I have to splurge if I so choose. I also can decide if there are items I am spending too much money on and should cut my spending back in certain areas. My weaknesses are shopping and eating out haha.

The first step when creating a budget is to calculate your income and expenses. Next you need to determine what your financial goals are that way you can implement a plan to reach them. Most people budget on a monthly basis because that’s the schedule that your bills will follow. Planning and monitoring your budget will help you identify wasteful expenditures and let you decide whether you can afford to stop and grab that bite to eat, or if you should just wait to warm up something from home. You may be surprised when you list out all your expenses how the little things really add up. With a budget you can live a bit more stress free because there won’t be any surprises. Budgeting will give you a sense of financial clarity that everyone needs throughout life.

I created this budget template that you can download for FREE and use to your heart’s content to help you get started in order to reach your financial goals!! Leave a comment below with what some of your goals are! 🙂


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