Bonjour & Welcome! My name is Nikki, but my best friend calls me Lulu and you are entering my world of fashion, finance, and lifestyle. I was raised on the West coast of Cali and then shifted my life across the country to the East coast, landing here in Central, FL. So, Hollywood glam with a bit of southern flair is my signature look. I feel most at home in a pair of heels and a dress and have always pictured myself living back in the 1920’s or old Hollywood era, so I am most definitely a girly girl. I suck up books like they are going out of style and don’t get me started on T.V. I have so many series I love; I can barely keep up! Reign, Vampire Diaries, Timeless, Call the Midwife, I Zombie, General Hospital are just a few favorites off my list. Though, one of my biggest weaknesses is that it’s hard for me to sit through a movie/show more than once LOL. I’m an avid dancer and lover of music so I am always humming to the beat of my own drum and constantly dreaming about the future (I have an active imagination).

An Accountant by trade and a Fashionista at heart, here is where I will share tips for both fashion and finance all in one place! I think every business woman, college student, and mother is looking have a sense of style and class, all while trying to save every buck we can! So, that’s where I come in! With my knowledge and experience, I provide tips on shopping your wardrobe; traveling on a budget; inspirations for you to explore healthy, quick, and inexpensive meals; and financial tips for improving your credit and paying off debts. I promise to show you how to have style and look chic without breaking the bank, so you aren’t spending a million bucks, but are surely feeling like it! I promise, it’s within everyone’s reach!

 I love meeting new people and would love to grow my circle of friends, so please keep in touch via my social channels, or email me to chat!!


Nikki Arnold