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I’m not sure how many of you know, but in addition to working a full time job and blogging as much as possible, I am also a mother to two boys. Due to all these demands, it can be really hard to get to the gym. I have never wanted to be bulky, but exercise is a must to keep your entire body healthy. I enjoy simple body toning exercises, preferably ones that I can do at home in under 30 minutes, because I try to get my workouts in before my kids get up in the morning. So, I thought I would share my 5 favorite body slimming exercises to do at home with all of you!

The number one rule of working out, is that you must stay hydrated. I have never been a fan of water for some reason. I can either taste all the minerals, or it just tastes like nothing, which doesn’t suit my taste buds. However, smartwater® is so pure & crisp with electrolytes for taste, that I gravitate to this water over any others.

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

Plus if you purchase this 6 pack at Target, 2 bottles total to your daily water requirement!! How easy is that? When working out you need to drink water before, during, and after, so make sure you keep a bottle nearby.


Forward and Reverse Kick

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

This lower body exercise works out your butt, quads, and abs. With light weights (or 2 of your smartwater bottles) held at your waist, raise one knee and kick forward and then in reverse kick the leg backwards. Do this while standing straight and balanced. Try not to lock your knees as you kick, so that you can seamlessly transition from forwards to backwards. Do 12 reps on each leg.

Side Squat Row

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

Using light weights, this body slimming exercise works out your biceps, upper back, butt, and quads. Start with your arms in front of you holding the weights and feet together. As you step out with one leg and squat, raise your arms with the weights as if you are rowing. Do 10 reps on each side.

Then take a break and drink your water. smartwater is vapor distilled with a purity I can taste and a hydration I can feel throughout my whole body.

Bicycle Crunches

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

I don’t know about you, but I get tired of regular crunches pretty quickly. These crunches work your abs and your obliques. Lie flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Bend one knee up and cross your elbow to your knee, while keeping the other knee extended. Then switch knees as if you are switching legs riding a bicycle. Complete 20 reps.

Push up Plank

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

This body slimming exercise works out your core muscles. Start on the floor in the traditional plank position. Then, one arm at a time raise yourself into a push up position. Lower yourself back into plank one arm at a time. Complete 15-20 push ups.


5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater 5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater 5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

This final exercise is a total body slimming workout. As with any exercise, you really need to do this exercise correctly to get the most out of it. You need to start with your feet more than shoulder width apart and your weight on your heels. Squat and place your hands flat in front of you on the mat. Thrust your feet back into the plank position and make sure your back is not arching, or sagging. Jump your feet back towards your hand into a squat position again. Then finally jump straight up into the air with arms extended above your head and return to the center. Repeat 15-20 times.

Be on the lookout at Target for a Spring Display in the store that features smartwater. However, if your store doesn’t have that then you can simply find it online here, or on the normal water aisle. At my Target in Altamonte Springs, water is found on aisle G54.

5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater

I hope these exercises help you with your fitness routine at home, and don’t forget the importance of hydration! Are you a smartwater lover like myself?



  5 body slimming exercises at home smartwater


  1. Awesome stuff! Love Smart Water, especially with summer approaching. I’ll definitely be trying these cool indoor exercises

  2. burpees are evil 😉
    I’ve used everything from water bottles to cans over the years to keep up my fitness at home. It’s not always easy but you always feel better afterwards.

  3. I forget, often, about drinking enough water each day. But, when I do I always feel a TON better. My mind is clearer and I feel more put-together.

  4. I love water and drink it all day. I just wished that I loved to exercise as much. Thanks for sharing those exercise. With your busy schedule, if you can make time so I can I. I will try to add that to my morning routine.

  5. I love planks and burpees! Helps keep body in great shape. I always remember to stay hydrated when working out with ice cold water.

  6. I’ve never had smartwater although I know that certain people can really taste a difference in water like you have mentioned! (my husband doesn’t like tap water unless it’s been through a filter and in the fridge haha).

    I’ll have to get him the smart water to try!

  7. Your workout outfit is so cute! I do like the taste of Smart Water quite a bit, cool that you can use the bottles as resistance for easy exercises too.

  8. These are such great ideas, I’m always looking for easy at-home workouts. I LOVE Smartwater. I always have one on me when I go to the gym. Your workout gear is super cute! I always feel like I workout better when I’m wearing something that makes me feel confident. I know it’s all just mental, but it really works for me!

  9. You’ve put so much work into the post, love it! I go to the gym every day but sometimes I find it so hard to get up and go – this is perfect for those days:) x

  10. There’s really no limit when it comes to working out. You just have to find what works for you. I think it’s awesome to be able to work out at home, it’s really convenient. It’s definitely important to stay hydrated, SmartWater sounds like an awesome product!

  11. I dread doing push-up planks. I know they are good for you but man are they hard. lol. Maybe if I know I going to reward myself with some Smart Water I won’t complain as much.

  12. I recently watched a video about how different bottled waters don’t contain the pH level our bodies need. Smart Water was only one of three brands who meet the requirements.

  13. You are an inspiration. With those busy schedule, having two boys for sure is not easy, and blogging would cause much time and yet you are still able to do your workouts! It is amazing! Great to know about this Smartwater though. Great to know it has electrolytes, somehow, it best helped in hydration.

  14. Love this. Going to save it for reference and be able to get back into the swing of things. Smart water is my favourite water I love it!

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